Want to know if any of the Woodland Friends are visiting your garden?

We’ve put together four very special Wildlife Camera Kits that contain everything you need to record any wildlife visiting your garden… AND they are FREE to borrow.

The kit contains…

  • WILDLIFE CAMERA – This is an amazing HD trail camera! Think of it as a weatherproof digital camera with motion detection and infrared nightvision built in. It can record photos, video and audio. It also has a built in battery and solar panel so you don’t need to worry about changing batteries.
  • Memory Card – We’ve included a 32gb memory card so you can start recording straightaway! 
  • Mounting Pole & Strap – to help you mount the camera in the optimum position.
  • FULL Instructions – A comprehensive User Guide explaining how the camera works and top tips for capturing amazing images of the creatures visiting your garden!



Here are some images to give you an idea of the type of images you might capture…

Female Blackbird

Looking for food.





Robin Nest

Close up of parents feeding young chicks


Feeding on special hedgehog food

Muntjac Deer

Wondering in the grass

Bird Drinking

Birds drinking from a home made self filling water dish.

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PLEASE NOTE: The Wildlife Camera Kits are only available to households in the parish of Rushmere St Andrew. Kits will be available to borrow for a maximum of two weeks. However, we may reduce this to one week if and when demand is high. Please include your full address in your message below.

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