Trail Quest 1

There are 14 Tree Guardians watching over the woodland trail. Can you find them all?

Trail Quest 2

There are 14 ‘Enchanted Doors’ hidden around the trail. Can you find them all?

Trail Quest 3

Each Tree Guardian is watching over a woodland friend. Can you discover which Tree Guardian is looking over which woodland friend?

Trail Quest 4

Follow the trail, find the ‘Enchanted Doors’ and answer Professor Hoot’s quiz questions.

Trail Quest 5

Design your own ‘Enchanted Door’.

Trail Quest 6

Help keep our woodland friends safe and healthy by making sure the Enchanted Tree Trail is kept ‘LITTER FREE’. If you spot any litter along the trail please put it in the nearest bin.

Trail Quest 7

Can you discover which 8 woodland friends the Easter Bunny has visited?


Playground Quest 1

There are 9 ‘Enchanted Doors’ hidden around the playground. Can you find them all?

Playground Quest 2

Enchanted Pebbles – Find a pebble (no bigger than a tennis ball) and decorate it using paint or permanent marker pen. Make your design as ‘enchanting’ as possible. The best designs make you smile or promotes happiness and kindness. When you’ve finished your pebble place it in the Enchanted Village.

NOTE: Please DO NOT leave any decorated pebbles on any other part of the trail.

The Enchanted Tree Trail is a collaboration between Rubbish Walks CIC and Rushmere St Andrew Parish Council.